This is an online resource provided to help coordinate different aspects of the church's life and ministry.

It has been supplied by ChurchBox and facilitates both organisation and communication.

ChurchBox provides:

If you are on one of the serving teams, you may be given a particular responsibility related to that team.  You can view your upcoming responsibilities in your profile and even import them into your own calendar (e.g. Google Calendar).  ChurchBox also helpfully sends a reminder email some days beforehand.  If you find you need to swap with someone, you can arrange that really simply through the site (which updates automatically so everyone can be aware of the swap).

Members can also share contact details (address, phone number and email address) on our Directory which will help other members keep in touch with them.  (If you want to keep this information private, you can do that, too - we take your privacy seriously, and ChurchBox is fully compliant with GDPR.)


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